The National Search and Rescue Council is a cooperative body that is responsible for the national search and rescue response arrangements in Australia. The Council members are from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the Australian Defence Force and State, Territory and Federal Police, who signed an Inter‑Governmental Agreement confirming its role as the national coordinating body for search and rescue.

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National Search & Rescue Manual

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Ebola Marine Notice

Ebola Marine Notice - notice from AMSA to ship operators providing information and advice about the Ebola Virus Outbreak.

Mandating Emergency Beacons and Risk Homeostatis

Mandating Emergency Beacons and Risk Homeostatis: An interesting read on the theory that ‘people alter their behaviour to the perceived level of risk.’

National SAR Council Annual Meeting 2014

The 38th meeting of the National SAR Council was held in Sydney from 1-3 October 2014.

2015 Australian Search &
Rescue Award

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Australian Search and Rescue Award.  This is awarded annually by the National Search and Rescue Council in recognition of 'Outstanding contribution to Search and Rescue' within the Australian region.

2013 SAR Awards photo